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Hello, my grandmother (Dee) lives there in mt.juliet and for Christmas I would like to purchase her an hour for massage. Is it possible to purchase this and printing up something from my email that I can send her in a card?
DeAndre Courtney
What's up LA Reflexology Fam! I see you over there doing your thing with helping your customers feel amazing! It's beautiful! I love seeing others prosper! That is exactly why I'm reaching out to you.i see you are having a grand reopening and are trying to get the word out through Craigslist. I've started a digital marketing company that help reflexology and massage centers gain more customers than they could ever imagine. Not sure if you could use more business, but who couldn't use more customers?! Especially with your grand opening! I've got you covered. Lets start you out on the right track! Hope to hear from you soon!
I have been going for the past several months and by far offer the best Massage in the area. The staff are extremely friendly and professional. I highly recommend all of their therapist, but particularly Kevin. I have back issues related to a prior car accident which result in a lot of back and neck issues. I have never felt better and will continue to come back!